Slow Life

by Marmalade Mountain

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released September 18, 2011

All songs written, performed and recorded by Zack Fischmann. Special thanks to Rohit Rao for drums on "Woke Up This Morning" and Nate Mahan for stair percussion and bass drum on "Life's Mystery".
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering.
"I Wanna Go Back" contains a sample from "Zasviri Bozhil s kavala" by Gudi Gudev.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Marmalade Mountain Los Angeles, California

make love with music
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Track Name: Telegraph Avenue
Walking down Telegraph Avenue
all the way from Broadway to Bancroft Avenue
All the things I see
they stick with me
Walkin down this street is just like one big memory

When I was just sixteen
I wanted to die
So I would climb out my window
and I would go for a drive
I'd go out to the avenue
and watch people passin by
Something about being out there
made me feel alive

Walking down Telegraph Avenue
All the way from Broadway
up to Bancroft Avenue

When I was little
I used to believe
that you could walk up to heaven
if you please
I still don't know if it's true
So for now I do my walking on Telegraph Avenue
Track Name: Woke Up This Morning
I woke up this morning still feeling tired
working so hard these days sometimes I feel expired
And I've heard it all before about living for today
but times have changed, I don't know if it's still cool to live that way
So I go downtown to try to find some work to do
but everybody tells you that there's nothing they can give to you
It can't be right because so many things are wrong
they'll try to tell you but nobody knows what's going on

Sometimes I get so lonely
Sometimes I get so blue
Search this town over for somebody I can talk to
but it gets so confusing with all these strange inflections
Everybody's got so many connections and they walk in different directions
I'm not saying that it's wrong
I guess it's fine
I just want a little bit more than somebody to take home at night
Track Name: Broken World
I don't wanna walk away
Just cause I'm living in a broken world doesn't mean that I can't stay

I'm not giving in
It's been like this for way too long, I'm just not giving in

Everybody wants change
and though I know we disagree, it's ok

Everyone's not the same
and anyone who tells you so has forgotten their own name
Track Name: Somebody To Love
I want somebody to love.
I want something to believe in.
We all want something,
and that's cool.
Track Name: Walk Away
You don't have to walk away
You could find some place to stay
I know sometimes it's hard to wait
but you don't have to walk away

There's some people who try to say
that good intentions go to waste
and that life itself is lived in vain
Well let those people have their say
but you don't have to walk away
Track Name: Where Nobody Knows
I don't care about getting high
plenty of people do it all the time
I don't care about getting low
sometimes it's nice to be where nobody knows

All I need is something to do
as long as it lasts the whole day through
All I want is someone to love
only I don't know who I'm thinking of
Track Name: Life's Mystery
Watch the clouds floating through the sky
Watch the dogs barking at some guy
Ain't it nice on a lazy afternoon?
Ain't it nice when you've got nothing else to do?

Go downtown, find something to eat
Talk to people standing on the street
You never know just what it is you'll find
You never know if you let it pass you by

See the birds way up in the tree
See the birds looking back at me
I wonder if they wonder if I wonder if
You never know, and that's life's mystery
Track Name: I Wanna Go Back
I wanna go back to some other time
I get so tired of doin the same old thing
I'd rather try and get off the ground than to stick around
I'm so tired of doin the same old things

I'm not sayin I don't love you at all and it's not not your fault
We just live and love in different ways
There's no way to say what's gonna happen next
Just try and take it day by day