Rocksteady For Lonely Hearts

by Marmalade Mountain

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Marmalade Mountain gets a car.

git it git it git it git it


released November 3, 2011

Samples from The Ethiopians
Stuff by Zack Fischmann



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Marmalade Mountain Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Long Drive
It's been a long day
I think I'll go for a drive on the

I get so tired of bein' in the city
it's such a pity
sometimes I wonder how long I'll stay

Yea but it's okay
because I've got a million things to do
yes it's true
but all I really want is to drive with you

It don't matter where we go
It doesn't matter what we do
on the freeway
for so long
Track Name: 42nd St. (What I Need)
I'm workin way too much
I'm feelin out of touch
I can't get what I need
(what I need is you)

I don't know where you are
I'm drivin in my car
up 42nd St.
(but I know, I know)

If I take a left on Main
I still feel the same
I don't know what I'll do
I don't know what I'll say

It's much too hard to live
When all the love you give
Don't come back to you
(but I know, I know)

One of these old days
Everything's gonna change
And though I don't know how
I know it's true