Marmalade Mountain Dreams

by Marmalade Mountain

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Recorded in Portland, OR 2008/2009 except Packin' Up My Caravan recorded in Oakland, CA 2008. Originally released on cassette tape.

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released August 20, 2009

Zack Fischmann - guitars, voice, bass, sounds, percussion - exhibitor and encourager of song and dance
Camden Rose - co-star of Hey Darlin', started it, plays guitar and sings on it.
Cook St. - plays on I'm So Bored
Tasche De La Rocha - co-wrote The Festival, plays guitar and sings on it
Kyle Raquipiso - plays percussion on Everything Is Wasted

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering



all rights reserved


Marmalade Mountain Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: OkOkOkOkOk
I wake up slow sometimes these days
but I don't know why
I put my toothbrush inside my face
at the end of the night
people call throughout the day
and then we go outside
sometimes we get all fucked up at night
and it feels alright

I found myself a pretty place
where I can just lay down
and let the days think for themselves
there ain't much here to worry about
I guess that everything is just fine
but sometimes I still miss your face
but it's ok
yea it's ok
Track Name: Rasa Lila
oh rasa lila
where could you be?
I search my whole life through
and if I find you
I know what I'll do
dance neath the light of the moon

cause it's real, and it's fake
an open embrace
a drink of disgrace
a golden mistake
and it's through

oh rasa lila
golden and true
I'm dancin my whole life with you
Track Name: Hey Darlin
I was wrapped up in a teeny little shirt, lying in the grass by a pile of dirt
my mother said, "honey, you'll be just fine"
I grew up tall and I grew up strong
I'm gonna meet you soon, it won't be long
hey darling, I know your heart's like mine

I saw her sittin there just the other day, so I started to talk without much to say
she said, "friend, it's just a waste of time"
but the days go by and the days go past so what difference does it make if nothing's gonna last
hey darling, I swear your heart's like mine

Never had much to do
just filling in empty shoes
and trying to find ways to pass the time
but the way that the days go by
and the way we're alone at night...

I'm no different than a leaf in the wind, blowin' up north and then back down south again
I guess it's just a matter of making up my mind
She's no different than a bird in the tree, singing all of her songs to me
hey darling, I swear your heart's like mine
Track Name: I'm So Bored
I get up and then get back down
I get up and wander around
because I'm so bored

I bite my fingers and count all my toes
I curse my friends and make love to my foes
because I'm so bored

I make decisions but don't really know
And then I plant things that I know just won't grow
because I'm so bored

I get drunk, forget my own name
I get drunk but I still feel the same
because I'm so bored

People smile and shake on my hand
Why don't ya come and play in my band
because I'm so bored

I got time drippin' outta my nose
It runs down my neck and gets onto my clothes
because I'm so bored

I ask questions but don't really care
I get old and grow out my hair
because I'm so bored
Track Name: The Festival
I had a dream
All the grass was green
We traveled to Mars and smoked cigars at the festival
And we felt fine

All the people gathered round
Dressed in wedding gowns
The sun was pink, it gave us a wink, and we all lay down
And fell asleep

And we won't ever wake again
We'll never wake again
Track Name: Country Summertime Dreams
I woke up this morning and I couldn't find my bed, all my thoughts were misconstructed and there was fog inside my head. So I went out to the water for to find some air to breathe, but the ocean was busy arguing semantics with the sea. So I went back to my house, but my house was not a home, it was just a pack of cigarettes sittin all alone waiting for the fire. So I set fire to the cigarettes and called up all my friends, I said "WE'RE GONNA HAVE A PARTY UNTIL EVERYONE IS DEAD!!" and then we stole the local liquor store and had ourselves a sale, but my license was suspended and so I ended up in jail. By the time my term was over all the booze was gone, and everybody was so wasted they thought it was 1941 - waiting for the war. So I said, "To hell with all this nonsense, I'm gonna leave this place!" so I powdered my belongings, and I loaded up my face. Then I stole the nearest tricycle and all the lemonade, and as I rode into the sunset I felt just like Jesse James. But the local sheriff was waiting for me with a glass of water, he said "Son I've got this poster if you'd just sign it for my daughter - make it out to Sue". But I couldn't find a pencil, and I couldn't find a pen, I couldn't find myself, and I couldn't find my friends, and my tricycle was broken, and the lemonade was bad, and even worse it turns out the local sheriff was actually my dad. I said, "I didn't know I had a sister!", he said, "I didn't know I had a son!" so he invited me to the tavern, but I wasn't 21 so I just went back to bed. Alright.
Track Name: Everything Is Wasted
everything is wasted
nothing ever come out right
everything is wasted
as you walk into the middle of the night

you're talking to an angel
she doesn't remember her name
everything is wasted
when she asks you for a place to stay

everything is wasted

in the wander of the streetlight
standin on the ground
everybody's leaving
but nobody knows its going down

everything is wasted
Track Name: Marmalade Mountain Dreams
sometimes the let sits just right
it leans up against my windowsill, smokes thick red cigarettes and drools dark clouds of smoke down the doorway, drips onto the floorboards, seeps into the carpet and up the legs of my bed
people, they sit on their porches laughing, telling stories, and drinking bread
and on a good warm day you can fly across town and pull fruit from the sky and drown yourself in the river
the girls here, they're so pretty I just start talking
some days I think about leaving
just because
Track Name: Packin Up My Caravan
I've got a pocket full of cigarettes and a letter from the alphabet
if I knew any better I'd put them together and see what I get
A cigarette
I should learn to smoke
I feel like a deaf man that's never heard a word he spoke

My head is tired, and my legs are on fire
I'm packing up my caravan, and I'm moving to the sun

If I had a pencil and a box of books I'll tell you just what I'd do
I'd erase every word in there and draw a brand new pair of shoes
I'd walk for fifteen days and nights with a lighter in each of my hands
I'm gonna set this whole goddamn world on fire if I can

Because my head is tired and my legs are on fire
I'm packing up my caravan, and I'm moving to the sun

I'll be gone
I won't have to be anyone
I'm packing up my caravan, and I'm moving to the sun
Track Name: My Body
When my body gets too old
and my body gets too cold
I don't know where I'll go
I don't know what I know

And if I lose control
Suppose that I just let things go
I don't know where I'll go
I don't know what I know