by Marmalade Mountain

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released November 30, 1937



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Marmalade Mountain Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Lonely Bull
I don't sleep
I just lie awake
let the time pass me by like a canoe on a river in a dream

I'm afraid
afraid I can't swim
and I'll drown here in the river on this endless night

I believe
believe in a paddle
and ride down the river, forever lost in a dream

Not afraid
afraid to be lonely
I'll ride down the river, into the endless night
Track Name: Long Drive (extended dub)
It's been a long day
I think I'll go for a drive on the

I get so tired bein in the city
it's such a pity
sometimes I wonder how long I'll stay

Yea but it's okay
because I've got a million things to do
yes it's true
but all I really want is to drive with you

It don't matter where we go
It doesn't matter what we do
on the freeway
for so long
Track Name: Walk in the Mud
I would walk through the mud and dirty up my shoes
and I would work through the blood and the dirt
just to see what's wrong with you
You're all I've got in this great big world
besides this here bottle of booze
so why do you give me so much trouble
when everything's for you, dear
when everything's for you

I would walk past the devil in his dirty old playground
I'd even sell my soul to him just to find some common ground
But nothing you say is worth a dime if you just don't make a sound
so move your lips and stay a while, but don't lay me down, no, don't lay me down